Importer Security Filing

ISF (Importer Security Filing) is a rule that obliges importing US parties to declare specific data (description of commodity) of the imported goods to the US Customs. Customs need to receive the declaration latest 24 hours prior to loading. The complete ISF must be declared 48 hours before vessel’s departure out of the port of loading.

Strict compliance

US Customs used to comply this rule flexible, but since July 2013 the compliance is much stricter. Late declarations will be penalized with a fine of USD 5.000 till USD 10.000 per ISF.

10+2 rule

The ISF is also called the 10+2 rule.

American importers have to supply 10 items about the shipment

  • name & address of the supplier
  • name & address of the buyer
  • name & address of the seller
  • name & address of the forwarder
  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Location where the container is consolidated
  • exact delivery address in the US
  • number of the transport agreement
  • number of the importing party
  • HS code

Carriers supply the following data

  • stowage plan of the vessel
  • container status message

The goods that do not leave the vessel during the call in an American port need to be provided with an overview of their origin and destination.


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