High Security Seal

Since the introduction of the C-TPAP programme (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and the ISPS code (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code), sea containers must be sealed with a High Security Seal immediately after they have been loaded. These seals must meet the required ISO / PAS 17712 certification. These steel bolt seals and cable seals serve as a barrier against theft from trucks and against the hiding and illegal transportation of persons and banned hazardous substances in the containers.

The seals can be applied by hand quite easily and quickly. Removing these steel bolt seals requires heavy-duty concrete shears. In some extreme cases, they can only be removed using a grinder.

The seals bear a unique number and/or barcode. If a loaded container is delivered at a terminal for export without it bearing such a seal, the terminal staff will apply it. However, they can also decide to embargo the container and to inspect the entire or part of the cargo before applying such a seal. The additional costs involved are payable by the shipping agent or client.

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