Forwarding agent

If you need international transport for your goods, you want to make sure that they reach their destination in a perfect condition. This involves more than you might think. The forwarding agent, in his capacity of logistic service provider, is an expert who can take care of this on behalf of his client. He solves logistical problems and knows the obscure transport market.

When looking for the best possible logistical solutions for the transport of goods, many factors play a role. Transport modality, speed, type of goods, place of departure, destination, trade and customs regulations, costs, etc. may also determine whether a product can compete with other products on the global market.

The forwarding agent has been successfully operating on the international logistics market for years, like a spider in a web. He concludes transport agreements with hauliers for his client/shipper who wants to have his goods transported. He is an independent party in that respect. The strength of a forwarding agent is his knowledge and expertise of the complex transport market.


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