As a trade association for the forwarding sector, the Netherlands Association for Forwarding and Logistics (FENEX) has the objective of strengthening the national and international position of the organised Dutch forwarding agent via the representation of collective interests.

FENEX intends to create a climate where affiliated members can carry out their activities in the most efficient manner, under favorable conditions. An important objective is to build and maintain healthy relationships in the forwarding sector. So as to improve the quality of services provided by the members, providing information and advice and the organisation of training programs has high priority.

In order to achieve its objectives, the FENEX endeavors to influence the decision-making process in the fields of forwarding logistics. It has good contacts with both the Dutch and European governments and authorities in that respect. FENEX forwarding agents can professionally support trade and industry when implementing their international logistic processes. Furthermore, FENEX forwarding agents stand surety for each other.


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